Jill Engelsen

from Kissi Media Jill Engelsen is a stylist and L’Oreal Professionel Artist currently based at New York City’s Butterfly Studio Salon. Jill is known for her unique yet on-trend styles and frequently...

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This is what I do.

Professional Hairdresser

This is my 21st Century “Expressionism”.      

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Making my clients look AMAZING is what I do. No big deal, but get used to it. Thanks. Bye.    

NYC Weddings

Men's Hair NYC

Ask Michael K. Davis. Jill Engelsen makes me happy. She not only cuts my hair, she taught me how to style it. Only took me 35 years to find her! But...


Jill Engelsen showcases her work on NBC New York. Glamour Senior Beauty Editor, Elaine Welteroth has NBC New York’s Style Expert Lilianna Vasquez try three no-fuss hairstyles perfect for summer. See Jill in action...